West African Magnum Opus: Ambling into the Modern World

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Kyuka Lilymjok is a talented modern writer of Nigerian descent, who has created outstanding works of prose with genius and bravado to criticize underlying issues of his country and the world at large.

Modernist outrage seeps out of his works preceded by talented Nigerian novelists who have produced some of the most distinguished art forms that changed the world and its perception of Nigeria and Africa at large.

As a former colony of the British Empire, Nigeria has had its fair share of oppression and discrimination which subtly reflects in the writing of its authors in an intense and biting style.

The Pearls of Nigerian Literature

The magnum opus of Nigerian literature lies in the safe and ingenious hands of the likes of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, and Chika Unigwe among several other important names that have changed the way English language is used by both the colonized and the colonizer. The mentioned writers took pains to write in the English language solely to show their oppressors their culture was not barbaric and did not need civilizing. The choice of language proved effective changing the world of literature, eventually paving the way for new writers such as Kyuka Lilymjok.

Nigerian authors’ traditional stories of tribal families became the backdrop of piercing wit and sarcasm enfolded in magical realism and complex plots with stark commentary on subjects of race and colonization.

These authors produced the best fiction novels of all time, not limited to Nigeria or Africa. Their original ideas brought them accolades such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, cementing them as literary giants and bringing forth bitter harsh critique of the oppressors.

Kyuka Books

Kyuka Lilymjok’s works are similar yet distinguished from his precursors’. He does not focus solely on one theme or idea. His complex tales replete with betrayal, gore, dishonesty, and venality are like a breath of fresh air in polluted lands. This author straddles the traditional life of his origin and modernity. One leg of his is standing in Africa kicking Africa to sit up and behave while the other is standing in the rest of the world kicking it to sit up and behave. Using traditional themes and traditional situations, he reaches into modern themes and modern situations. Using local themes and local situations, he reaches into global themes and global situations. An example of this can be seen in his novels The Village Tradesman and Bivan’s House and his novellas Gods of my Fathers and Farewell to Peace in which the author standing in his traditional homeland in Africa reaches out to modern and global themes and situations.

Not only has this author challenged society with his unusual thematic displays but has turned his solemn works into comedy books for adults and youngsters alike.  With his satire and playful commentary on the grave issues of the day, he creates tragicomedies that bite and soothe.

Kyuka’s realistic fiction books usually downplay real and dangerous issues, turning them into jokes and subjects of mockery. The poignant thrust of his satirical genius is unparallel compelling the reader to listen to the voice emanating from his works. Writing on a bleeding world, a good number of this author’s fictional books are tragedies of the utmost order. It is a mark of his genius that though he writes on the heavy issues of the world, he writes on these issues with a smile in his words; though his pen carries the heavy issues of life, it carries them with dignity and pleasantness. He is an author you read his works crying and laughing at the same time.

A True Treasure Trove

Kyuka Lilymjok has written over thirty books, and all books differ from each other in plot, themes and characters, each time bringing in unique stories to tell. His universal themes continue to enchant readers and critics alike as he molds the story according to his desire. His satirical books vary from conversations on racism and oppression, realism and fantasy, comedy and tragedy, to satire on heaven and hell.

His symbolic language evokes emotions in readers and brings forth discussions about mankind and what our place is in the world. Nigerian magnum opus have passed down the torch to brilliant minds like Kyuka Lilymjok who is assuredly amalgamating traditional Nigeria into the modern world keeping it fresh and relevant. Visit Amazon.com for more information on the celebrated author and his work.

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